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A Buyer’s Guide to Wholesale Build Gel Nail Polish!

A type of manicure that uses soft gel in the form of polish is called a gel polish manicure. The polish, which is in the form of gel, acts as an overlay on the nails. The gel nail polish, known for its exceptional durability, can last for 2-4 weeks. A gel polish manicure produces shiny nails without peeling, chipping, or cracking. If Gel polish manicures are applied by a professional and experienced esthetician, they are gentle to the natural nails.

Unlike ordinary nail polish, gel polish must be cured under LED or UV light. Curing is defined as a chemical process that takes place when photoinitiators within the gel are exposed to the specific wavelength of an LED or UV light. Polymerization (it is the chemical reaction that occurs during curing) produces a liquid gel with a soft consistency into a hard gel with a solid consistency.

After curing, the inhibition layer which is also known as the residual sticky layer, remains on the top of the solid gel. The stickiness is the result of oxygen in the air inhibiting the cure on the surface layer of the polymerizing gel polish. Any residual thickness on the nail is easily removed by wiping with a lint-free wipe soaked in alcohol of high concentration such as rubbing alcohol.

How to Apply a Gel Polish at Home?

Applying gel polish can give you a long-lasting and high-gloss manicure. A detailed step-by-step procedure on how to do it at home is  listed hereunder:

Materials Needed:

1. Gel Polish Kit: It Includes the base coat, gel color polish, and top coat.

2. UV or LED Lamp: It is needed to cure the gel polish.

3. Nail Prep Items: This kit contains a nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher, and lint-free wipes.

4. Isopropyl Alcohol: For cleaning and dehydrating the nails.

5. Nail Cleanser or Acetone: This is used to remove the sticky layer after curing.

6. Cotton Balls or Pads

7. Cuticle Oil: This is used to moisturize the cuticles after the manicure is done.


1. Prep Your Nails:

If you have any old polish, remove it completely using nail polish remover or acetone. After that, use a nail clipper to trim your nails to the desired length (if necessary), and then shape them with a nail file. Once nails of the desired length are achieved, gently push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher. You can also soften them by soaking your fingers in warm water for a few minutes first.

Lightly buff the surface of your nails with a nail buffer to remove shine. This helps the gel polish adhere better.

2. Clean and Dehydrate:

Once your nails are ready to be applied with gel nail polish, proceed with cleaning and dehydration. Use a lint-free wipe soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean and dehydrate your nails. This removes oils and moisture, providing a clean surface for the gel polish.

3. Apply Base Coat:

Apply a thin, even layer of the gel base coat to your nails. Avoid getting any on your cuticles or skin. After application of the base coat, place your nails under the UV or LED lamp to cure the base coat. The curing time depends on your lamp and the instructions from the gel polish manufacturer (typically 30-60 seconds for LED and 2 minutes for UV).

4. Apply Gel Color:

Apply a thin, even layer of the gel color polish. Again, it is important to protect your

cuticles and skin. Cure the first coat under the lamp.

Once you are done with the first coat, apply the second coat. The application of a second layer of gel color polish is important to achieve full opacity. Just like the first coat, cure the second coat under the lamp.

5. Apply Top Coat:

Apply the last and top coat on the nail. It should be an even layer of gel nail polish. And again, follow the process by curing.

6. Remove Sticky Layer:

After curing the top coat, there will be a sticky layer on the surface of your nails. Use a lint-free wipe soaked in isopropyl alcohol or a nail cleanser to remove this sticky residue.

7. Finishing Touches:

In order to hydrate and nourish your cuticles, apply oil around your nails.

Tips for Best Results:

Some tips for getting the best results include the following:

1.Always apply thin coats of each layer. Thick layers can lead to uneven curing and bubbling.
2.Make sure no gel polish touches your skin or cuticles. Use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to clean up any mistakes before curing.
3.Ensure you cure each layer thoroughly under the lamp to prevent smudging or peeling.
4.Cap the free edge of your nails with each layer (base coat, color, and top coat) to prevent chipping.

Maintenance Tips:

1.Wear gloves when doing household chores to protect your gel manicure.
2.If you notice any lifting or chipping, you can lightly buff the area and reapply the top coat, the cure again.

Following these steps should give you a professional-looking gel manicure that lasts for up to two weeks or more.

How to Remove a Gel Polish?

Now, you have applied a gel polish. Now, how to remove it? Just like easy application, removing a gel polish is also a straightforward process. You can remove a gel polish in a maximum of 15 minutes. But the question is, how do you remove gel polish without damaging your nails? Don’t worry. We have got you. Read on to know how to remove a gel polish easily in a few steps:

1.Take a nail file and break the seal on each nail’s free edge and sidewall.
2.Take a cotton ball and fully saturate it with nail polish remover or acetone. Once it becomes fully saturated, place it directly on the nail’s top.
3.Allow to soak for at least 15-20 minutes.
4.Gently press and twist the foil and cotton off each nail during the removal process.
5.Grab a cuticle stick and carefully push the remaining gel residue off.
6.You can clean the nail’s surface with the help of rubbing alcohol, a pad or a cotton ball. Always apply oil on the cuticles to keep them moisturized and protected.

What are the Rules for Applying a Gel Nail Polish?

You have to follow certain preparatory and application rules to get the best results. Read on to know some rules for applying gel nail polish:
Preparatory Rules:
1.The nails should be clean and dry.
2.The nails should be trimmed to the appropriate length. A light buff is important for getting the best results.
3.It is important to take care of the cuticle. Push them back in order to avoid the application of gel nail polish on them.
Application Rules:
1.Always apply thin and even layers of base coat, color polish and top coat.
2.Make sure the gel nail polish does not touch the cuticles or skin.
3.Seal the free edge of the nail with each layer of polish to avoid peeling and chipping
Curing Rules:
1.Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper curing. For your information, the curing time for LED lamps is 30 seconds to 1 minute. The curing time for UV lamps is approximately 2 minutes. Before applying a new coat, make sure the existing coat is perfectly cured.
2.In order to prevent smudging and to properly adjust the nail polish, perform the curing process ASAP after the application of gel nail polish.
Post-Application Rules:
1.Remove the tacky layer after the curing of the top coat. You can use lint-free wipes that are soaked in isopropyl alcohol or in a specialized nail cleanser.
Maintenance Rules:
1.It is important to protect your manicure from harsh chemicals or detergents. You can wear gloves for protection.
2.If you notice any chipping or lifting, lightly buff the area and reapply the coat, followed by the curing process.
3.Properly remove the nail polish. Do not peel off the gel polish. Doing so can damage your nails.
Safety Rules:
1.In order to avoid the inhaling of fumes from acetone and polish, you should work in a well-ventilated area.
2.Consider applying sunscreen to your hands or using UV gloves to protect your skin from UV light during curing.

The Bottom Line:

Achieving a flawless and long-lasting gel manicure requires the right products and techniques. From thorough nail preparation to applying thin, even coats and ensuring proper curing, each step is crucial for a professional finish. When it comes to sourcing your gel nail polish, quality and reliability are key. If you’re looking to buy wholesale builder gel nail polish, consider purchasing from Caixun.

We are known for our high-quality products. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs. Caixun provides an excellent selection of gel polishes that can help you achieve the perfect manicure every time. Investing in Caixun’s products ensures that you get durable, vibrant, and professional-grade results, making them a top choice for both personal and professional use. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get a quote.