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Our Participation in Polish Exhibition (TARGI I KONGRES BEAUTY 2024)

Introduction to the Exhibition

Poland Exhibition, which takes place at the luxurious WARSZAWSKIE CENTRUM EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland, on March 9-10, 2024, was a masterpiece event for the worldwide cosmetics industry. This exhibition is a platform for new innovations and beauty and cosmetics industry professionals, where beauty and cosmetics enthusiasts and experts who share a passion for the industry meet for the first time. It is definitely an opportunity, through a great range of expositions, workshops, and speech sessions, to study the future advances of beauty tendencies, technologies, and ways of realization.

TARGI I KONGRES BEAUTY exhibition is one of the dominant stances in this beauty industry in terms of having people from almost all parts of the world get involved in it. It is attended by major shakers and magazines worldwide. For those who are already intrigued by the world of beauty, this exhibition has been a massive pull as it draws over a thousand of these professionals, beauty enthusiasts, and company representatives from all around the world. The main characteristic of such a showcase is that it provides a wholesome and up-to-date insight into the dynamic beauty industry, featuring product, technology, and treatment trends in areas ranging from cosmetics to nail care and advanced beauty treatments.

Definitely, this BEAUTY Exhibition covers these two vital factors: professional networking, which is a core of the beauty industry, and the direction of the market, a place where the trends emerge. Its function in allowing interaction between vendors, chain stores, and beauty professionals gives it an edge as the platform to usher in business growth and innovation in the world’s beauty industry. The event’s coverage is of a wide nature, which means that it is not only great but also a proper venue for people who want to be aware of the changing dynamics of the beauty sector.

Guangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.: The Star of Exhibition

Guangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., widely known as GUANGZHOU YANMEI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is one of the main participants of this fair with its booth in Hall 3, G3. The involvement of the company served as the stamp of authority in the knowledge that the company was an industry leader in the field of gel polishes. In this cutting-edge portion of the beauty industry that is characterized by rapid innovation and intense consumer need, Guangzhou Caixuan finds itself in the right place to employ science and aesthetics in creating superior beauty products.

Spotlight on Our Innovative Gel Polish Products

The exhibition was a monumental event for Guangzhou Caixuan, which debut its state-of-the-art technology in gels polish. The latest evident product of the company, gel polishes, sparked the interest of industry experts with their superb quality, long holding, and various color selections. These products, made after thorough research and committing to the latest advancements in cosmetic science, are a sign of Guangzhou Caixuan just being dedicated to meeting the sophisticated demands of today’s beauty professionals and consumers. Gel formulations are created not just to enhance beauty but also to take care of the nail. They are designed to tick all the boxes, not just health but also longevity and fashion.

Showcasing Commitment to Excellence and Quality

Caixuan’s presence at the expo showed its passion and expertise in the development of cosmetic technology, serves to illustrate its resolve to set the standards for new and exciting technological trends. The hands-on demos and interactive, detail-filled conversations at our booth draw people toward interesting revelations of the brand’s essence and science, a peek into the detailed craftsmanship that typifies its famous gel polish line. It is through an interactive way to recognize the innovative edge that the company is providing and its commitment to quality and excellence in the beauty industry.

Achievements and Recognition

The company’s booth was a center of activity during the entire exhibition, which attracted a heterogeneous crowd, from potential business partners to cosmetics and skincare enthusiasts. The feeling of excitement and approval of the trade show visitors towards the innovative products they saw was very noticeable. Frequently mentioned were the high quality and innovation of the products presented. Such a triumph is a tribute to Guangzhou Caixuan’s position as a leader in the beauty sector, with new standards of excellence and novelty in creativity.

Impactful Feedback and Strategic Direction

The feedback from the show has been an eye-opener to Guangzhou Caixuan Nail Art since it is the best resource for benchmarking the market trends and consumer preferences that echo in Europe. Positive feedback on the product line of gel polish time and time again affirms the preconceived popular demand for good quality and innovative solutions within the sector of nail care in the European market. Equipped with this knowledge, Guangzhou Caixuan is all set for the raid in Europe by keeping marketing and product development strategies tailor-made to their needs and likes in this assorted and happening market, thereby attacking Europe with the right mindset.

Looking Forward: Preservation as a Process of Innovation

The presence of Guangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co. Ltd. at the TARGI I KONGRES BEAUTY 2024 beauty fair goes beyond showing the products; it’s the voice-out of the company’s desire to be innovative, hold integrity, and achieve beauty. While the brand is working to develop new trends and inventions for the beauty market, it will remain true to its engineered, processed cosmetic products. The information and contacts established during the exhibition will power the rise of Guangzhou Caixuan in the world of luxurious beauty standards, constantly upgrading the matter of perception and welcoming the new horizon of inventions.


Last week’s TARGI I KONGRES BEAUTY exhibition has once again demonstrated itself as an important venue for beauty professionals to meet and share experiences and the newest solutions. For Guangzhou Caixuan Cosmetics Co. Ltd., this event was the jewel in the crown; it presented the highlights, created a networking atmosphere, and provided loads of helpful marketing tips. As a company moving ahead, our performance during the exhibition certainly stands out as a landmark event demonstrating our approach to refreshing beauty ideals.

The beauty industry keeps developing, and Guangzhou Caixuan Creations Co., Ltd is one of the leaders in the industry and ready to lead with its creative products and visionary outlook. TARGI I KONGRES BEAUTY 2024 not only displayed the considerable potential of today’s beauty industry but also paved the way to innovations and supplied diversity.