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Top Ten Gel Polish Wholesale Suppliers in USA

As one of the beauty consumer staples and a boon to professionals, gel polish has become a staple in the beauty industry for its long-wearing effect and inherent high gloss. Top it up with quick drying, and it’s a recipe for overall consumer popularity. More than that, businesses need to have access to top-tier wholesale suppliers. In this piece, the article seeks the top wholesale suppliers of gel polish in the USA and narrows down its search to focus on high-quality nail styling gel, wholesale build gel nail polish, and a complete range of wholesale solid building gel, among others. Be it bulk customizing of nail polish or stocking wholesale supplies of nude tones, this guide has been deemed important.

1. BeautyBigBang

Origin: The beautybigbang is born to ensure premium beauty would never be out of reach for anyone. Today, thanks to its wide selection and deep focus on customers, it quickly became a consumer favorite among beauty professionals.

Reputation: Known for the money-saving price tags and a really rewarding loyalty program with a customer-approach strategy, BeautyBigBang has made its way to the top. It has managed to keep its reputation to those who seek superlatives rather than a shameful swap with that big fat price tag; the comments are testaments to the dedication to the satisfaction of the customer.

Product Range: Holographic glitters and many more such shades, from trendy nudes to flamboyant variants, make it to the palette of products at BeautyBigBang. The product range for BeautyBigBang is revamped every season to keep in tune with the latest trends.

BeautyBigBang is the name of distinction where amazing pricing and outstanding customer selections sit side by side. They are practically a platform-like paradise for customers who love to experiment with everything under no limits.

2. Gel-Nails

Origin: Their dream was to bring the best of global nail art trends for gel nails to the US market. That is how they ended up becoming one of the most trusted brand names with professionals due to their boundless commitment to finding the highest quality supplies possible.

Reputation: Renowned for its widest collection and best deals, Gel-Nails stands for quality in regard to quantity. For this repute, they’ve worked on the maxim of bringing premium products at competitive prices.

Product Line: They offer Gel-Nails Ultraviolet and LED gel nail polish to the world’s top brands. Everything is here, from the absolutely spectacular to the avant-garde and classic.

Distinctive Edge: From across the oceans, their global sourcing policy ensures they bring unusual and out-of-common products to their customers.

3. Cosmo Prof Beauty

Origin: Targeting fully licensed beauty professionals, Cosmo Prof. by Beauty offers high-quality products at professional levels. Their exclusive approach also has them following industry insiders.

Reputation: Cosmo Prof Beauty is regarded as a respected distributor that holds its mission to be an avowed commitment to quality and professionalism. Salons hold it true for the products they bring to them, knowing they can beat the general expectations.

Product Range: Cosmo Prof Beauty is known for offering products only from professional-grade to highly specialized, carrying the most recognized brand names in the market and known for their durability and finishing just to the mark.

Distinct Edge: The factor that differentiates Cosmo Prof Beauty is exclusivity. The kind of market Cosmo Prof Beauty is targeting is the professional, and with their products on an exclusive make just for it, they assure that their clients are delivered with the best quality that there is.

4. Nail Superstore

How It All Began: The Nail Superstore was founded on the principle of making professional-grade nail supplies accessible to a broader audience. Blending quality and affordability, it is indeed a favorite among not only professionals but their fans as well.

Reputation: Among its attributes, the reputation of Nail Superstore is valuably tagged to it as value for money. The store got accolades up on the air for its balance of affordability and premium quality. Their comprehensive range sums them up as a one-stop shop for all nail care requirements.

Product Range: With a product range that stretches right from gel polish products to necessary wares for their application, Nail Superstore provides a wide variety of options. They ensure that their customers have all they need for great stuff on their nails or toenails.

Unique Selling Proposition: The price points of Nail Superstore’s products and the variety of its offerings make it a one-stop destination for all.

5. Universal Nail Supplies

Origin: Universal Nail Supplies is an idea born from an endeavor to bring global beauty trends to The US. Their international background has made the US nail care scene one of innovation and diversity.

Reputation-wise, by the description of ‘pioneers of the extremely competitive market,’ Universal Nail Supplies truly becomes the heart of large numbers of customers, namely the center of attraction for those loving the varieties and conveniences.

Product Range: Their product range speaks volumes for their international perspective and introduces international brands and trends that are never there at home in the US.

Unique Edge: Universal Nail Supplies is associated with an international flair. It opens up avenues of beauty trends around the world. The one-of-a-kind factor puts them in an interesting, if not sometimes tricky, position in places where only domestic brands have status.

6. Princess Nail Supply

Although it has a less serious name, Princess Nail Supply is a heavyweight in the business. They had built a kingdom based on the mighty pillars of diversity, first-quality products, and exceptional service. Princess Nail Supply is the coolest place in Dallas for everything one could dream up in nail care.

Product Range

It’s pretty broad and deep, from the most recent trends of gel polishes and a vast selection of tools to the ones that are really needed, must-haves, in simple terms, when doing any nail art.

Unique Selling Point: Exceptional customer service and an infinite product line bring people to Princess Nail Supply, for whom this is the single mall experience they come back to in these busy, fast times.

7. Esthetic World Beauty

Esthetic World has the best quality products available in the country. Our benefits are the perfect high-end professional and luxury products benefitting investment return. With all its incredible product offerings, Esthetic World Beauty stands as the leading premium source for professionals in reputation, commitment, and belief in quality and performance.

Range: Formulated for all its clients, catering to the highest demand for luxury gel polish, their range features only the finest brands known for durability and finish.

Differentiated Edge: The luxury focus of Esthetic World Beauty adds a differentiated edge. Esthetic World Beauty is the only natural brand that appreciates the symbiosis of professionals and enthusiasts when demanding criteria are used as indicators of quality, sophistication, and the level of choice offered in their respective areas.

8. Skyline Beauty Supply

Innovation and education have been cornerstones of Skyline Beauty Supply. They are known for their progressiveness toward new trends, pioneering ideas in technology, and being the revolutionaries within the manicure marketplace.

STRENGTHS • as a renowned and loyal dealer, Skyline Beauty Supply has developed a significant market reputation, attaining a high market share.

Product Range: The product range is the absolute epitome of new and next, updating and upgrading with recent innovations in each and every product line.

Distinct edge: The unique edge that separates Skyline Beauty Supply from the rest is its guarantee of providing top-notch innovation and education. After all, they deliver more than the actual products but knowledge to their customers in ways that are effective when used.

9. SalonCentric

As a high-quality professional products provider, SalonCentric is only open to licensed beauty experts. Hand-selected products are included in the product set to ensure quality meets.

Reputable: “Respected and very committed to quality and professionalism,” SalonCentric is the trusted name of the beauty professional for workable and consistent products and equipment.

Product Range

A lot of thinking went behind curating this collection to bring the professionals the best possible range from the available top brands so that every professional can have the tools they need to reach perfection.

Unique Edge: The process by SalonCentric ensures every unique formulation by their formulation brand gets nothing but the best quality. SalonCentric is the guiding star for professionals who will not accept anything but the best.

10. Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Nestled in the throbbing center of the industrial heart of Guangzhou lies Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd is a gel polish company—where the very vision of innovative beauty takes the ground. Our journey is backed by over 15 years of heritage. We have put all our efforts into becoming a mark of premier manufacturers and suppliers of UV gel polish. Philosophically, we are synonymous with the gel polish world, quality—in the most literal way. We’ve got characteristically a versatile range with ideal and lasting finishes. We do state-of-the-art formulations. We commit to delivering a legacy of quality and innovation, so with every stroke of this gel polish, it brings out color and pieces of life.

We proudly lead the industry as one of the best UV gel polish manufacturers with unwaveringly strong commitments to professional excellence. With rich experiences and strong foundational technical expertise, we manufacture high-quality UV gel polishes catering to the diversifying demand of nail art and beyond. We are being represented in over 150 countries around the world. We ensure the best quality in each bottle we produce. Our factory is committed to supplying the best quality, full of style, strength, and vibrant beauty, which can be ensured with every purchase made. Our nail polishes come at very reasonable rates and always assure elegance and value. We have a factory-to-direct advantage, ensuring you better pricing with no compromise on quality.

In a fast-changing world, including gel polish, what these ten suppliers bring to the table sets them apart for the products they make. From the luxury offers of Esthetic World Beauty to the innovative picks of Skyline Beauty Supply, there is a full range of choices that every independent supplier puts in, strengthening the US Nail Care market with variety to one’s taste, needs, and aspirations.


A proper selection of gel polish wholesale supplies would highly influence the quality of service rendered by most beauty enterprises. Such represented suppliers are some of the heads known for quality product provision, innovative solutions, and ranges that are near-complete for almost all likes and needs. Whether you are seeking to offer wholesale build gel nail polish, high quality nail styling gel, or seeking to treat your clientele to a customized bulk listing of nail polish, these supplier products and promises to take your nail service to the next level.