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Welcome to Guangzhou Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Situated in the industrial heart of Guangzhou, Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. emerges as a powerful innovation in the world of beauty. The promising gel polish supplier is over 15 years old with an inheritance behind its back and has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of UV gel polish. We offer an extensive palette of bright colors, long-lasting finishes, and state-of-the-art formulations.

As we peel the onion-like layers of this dynamic company story, it uncovers a path distinguished by the relentless drive towards perfection, the firm knowledge of ever-evolving demands within the beauty industry, and above all, an unwavering commitment to provide beauty aficionados around the globe with products that not only beautify but stand timeless as well.

We proudly lead the industry as one of the best UV gel polish manufacturers with unwaveringly strong commitments to professional excellence. With rich experiences and strong foundational technical expertise, we manufacture high-quality UV gel polishes catering to the diversifying demand of nail art and beyond.

Our Product Range

We have a strong dedication to innovation and beauty, with our offer being a kaleidoscope of UV gel pol-polishes underlining expertise and commitment to the nail industry. From classics to trends like reds to neon’s, every bottle is a promise by stamping their durability, ease of use, and an impeccable finish that lasts.

The range of our products is developed to satisfy every need in the sphere of nail art by using high-quality gels. With such a wide range, good quality, competitive prices, and fashionable designs, our products are trendy.

1.Base Coat lays an ideal foundation with even application, promoting perfect adhesion while protecting and prolonging the wear time.
2.For those women who want a product that strengthens and forms the nail, our Builder Gel will work perfectly.
3.Experience the magic from our Cat Eye Gel collection; it’s perfect for all ingenious ideas.
4.Function Gel is manufactured to meet these tailor-made needs. It ensures that your nails last a long time with beauty.
5.Add more glitter to your glossy nails with the different colors of our Glitter Gel Polish.
6.Our Nail Art Gel caters to that time when a slight edge in precision is required.
7.The Poly Gel is an updated rendition of the best acrylic and hard gels that can be applied easily and is light in nature.
8.Rubber Base lays a flexible, strong foundation for even paper-thin or brittle nails.
9.Perfect your masterpiece with a glossy, chip-free seal using the Top Coat, or get vibrant color and flawless coverage with our UV Gel Polish.

Our portfolio is one of a dynamic palette catering to every mood, occasion, and personality for anybody. We offer not just color but a collage of science and art for creating the perfect masterpiece with each application. Whether you are a professional trying to keep up with all the new trends and standards in the nail art and design industry or a home beauty with an eye on quality in terms of nail applications, there is something from Cai Xuan for everyone even more options in textures, finishes, and even healthier, eco-friendly options.

Our Achievements

15 Years of Journey: Our 1-and-a-half decade lineage in the business heralds great experience and devotion to the artistry of creating gel polishes.

Over 2,700+ Customers Worldwide: Our ever-increasing global footprint has reached thousands of gratified customers across the world, helping us nurture lifelong relations with a strong standing customer base.

800+ Products: So there would be something for everyone within the range of 800+ products. We cater to style, taste, and requirements.

5,000+ cooperates Partners: More than 5,000 cooperated and successful business partners as proof of our company’s dedication to achieving mutual success and prolonging collaboration.

Our Certificates

Our industry certificates are a testament to the quality and reliability that we practice in production. Recognition like this reflects our high standards of production and loyalty. They’re not only decorations but guarantees of quality for each of our customers. Look through our professional certification and make a confident choice of our services with the acknowledgment in mind that we have complete devotion to high quality. Visit our homepage and see our Certifications.

shimmer poly gel

Quality Assurance and Innovation

Our manufacturing prowess is an uncompromising approach to quality assurance and the latest technology enablers. The firm procures from state-of-the-art factories with pride, where every product goes through rigid testing to conform to the highest standard for quality and safety. Innovation is our philosophy – driving the company towards new frontiers in product development. From eco-friendly formulations to trend-setting shades, this UV Gel Manufacturer 

is at the forefront of cosmetic innovation – constantly redefining what is possible in the world of nail care.

What We Offer?

Customization/ Private Label:

Would you like to launch your own brand of gel polish? Worry not. We are a Private label gel polish manufacturer. Our professional team is here to offer unmatched product services to help with logo designs, as well as packaging what you envision your brand to look like.

We will be offering free design and labeling services if you already possess the logo. It is necessary that you meet our minimum order quantity requirement for each item. Even if you have no logo to print on the items, then we are capable of designing one for you. Just order a quantity of 300 pieces of a similar product item, and we do the designing and labeling at no cost. You can even have the color customized to look like your brand, with the order varying in a minimum size based on the choice of color.

Need special packing? We have it, even in quantities from 3000 pieces and up. If our extensive range of colors doesn’t offer precisely what you need, please describe it to us. Custom gel nail polish can be delivered with a minimum order quantity of 1 kilogram per color, and samples for customer tests are provided.

We assure you that we will work for your unique and personalized product, policy, and coverage. Allow us to help build a product that will be carrying your name.

Global Customer Support:

Cai Xuan stretches its hands over the borders of its manufacturing facilities and is represented in over 150 countries around the world, constantly confirming our possibilities to adapt and survive in the most diverse market segments. Our client partnership model is based on open communication, transparency, and a shared vision for success—an idea that makes Cai Xuan not just a supplier but an ally to the beauty world.


1.Quality Product: We ensure the best quality in each bottle we produce. Our factory is committed to supplying the best quality, full of style, strength, and vibrant beauty, which can be ensured with every purchase made.

2.Reasonable Price: We understand this fact quite well. Our nail polishes come at very reasonable rates and always assure elegance and value. Buy many of them and make yourself look. expensive. We have a factory-to-direct advantage, ensuring you better pricing with no compromise on quality.

Choosing us will, therefore, guarantee one being in partnership with a company with expertise in the production of the best wholesale nail polish.

We live and breathe innovation. Innovation stands at the core of our business. Every time, we bring forward fresh designs so that we have a new look and stay miles ahead of the trend line in the nail industry. Our innovations are original, so you are always putting your best foot forward.

Our mission is clear we are nurturing the way to lead custom gel polish. We are here for our customers to make it up another notch and go to new places—new markets. Choosing us doesn’t mean you choose a product; it means growing together in beauty and business.


Guangzhou Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is synonymous with quality, innovativeness, and customer contentment in the gel polish market. The journey of this company from a local small-time producer to an epic multinational is a story of hard work with vision. Like Cai Xuan is going abroad to broaden its horizon, so is our concept: “To beautify the world from every nail. The business and private individuals in this volatile beauty industry mean that Cai Xuan is more than just a supplier; it is more of a partner. Promise through and through such entwined beauty and creativity that the future will be boundless.

Get Connected

We are opening our arms to our clients, old and new, from every walk of life to connect with us for future business possibilities from shared success. At Guangzhou Cai Xuan Cosmetics Co., Ltd., we are committing ourselves to soaring to newer pinnacles of success together with the clients by developing an unbreakable bond of trust, quality, and the same vision for the future. Walk with us as we carve the path toward UV Gel Nail Excellence.